16 to 27 November 2023


- To conduct a group amateur radio dxpedition in Laos, country listed #98 on the overall most wanted list in Clublog

- To focus on NA East coast openings, specially on high bands, since Laos is ranked #41 for this dificult area of the world

- To have fun as a team and enjoy our hobby as much in a nice country

September 7th 2023:

We are finally ready to announce an upcoming DXpedition to Laos, one of the most exciting country of South-East Asia in the second half of November 2023. Former members of successful FT4TA, FT4JA and 3B7A DXpeditions will head to Vientiane on November 16th and will be operating up to 5 stations using the callsign XW4DX until November 27th. This may also include an entry in the CQWW CW contest.

Laos is currently most wanted #98 worldwide and specially ranked #41 for North America East Coast. One of our goal, instead of looking for highest QSO numbers and collecting bandslots, will be to ensure we are focusing on openings towards the difficult areas, like the East coast of NA. We will have antennas for both Short and Long path for this area.

Team is including F4BKV Vincent, F4HAU Diego, F2DX Patrick, F5PTM Pascal and F8AVK Julien. We will be operating on all HF Frequencies except 80m and 30m, that are unfortunately not allowed anymore in Laos. 60m or 6m is also not permitted currently in Laos. This said, we will focus on the two “low bands” of 160m / 40m and we hope that with the increasing propagation conditions, the 5 high bands will allow us to have some fun and good time.

As for any others projects, rising costs is hitting us, specially transportation costs, and we are looking for any potential individual or clubs donation, do not hesitate to hit the Donate button in the Sponsors Page !

Stay tuned for more news !